Did you know:

  • When you have a chipped windshield, most insurance companies will waive the deductible and will pay the full price for the repair.
  • Its’ Simple! In most cases auto glass repair shops will contact your insurance company directly. So all you need to do is provide them with the name of your insurance company and policy number when you take your car in.
  • Also! The majority of insurance companies will not hold you accountable for the chip, so having the repair done will most likely not affect your premium.

Why you should have the repair done:

  • Your windshield provides 30% of your vehicles fundamental structure. In the instance of an accident your windshield helps deploy the airbag, and prevents you from being thrown from the vehicle. If your windshield has been weakened by a chip or crack you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.
  • Also! Having your windshield repaired is far less expensive than having the whole thing replaced!