Did you know:

  • That in 2008 prescription painkiller overdoses killed almost 15,000 people just in the U.S.
  • In 2009 nearly half a million ER visits were due to people misusing or abusing prescription painkillers.
  • And that in 2010 about 12 million Americans (ages 12 and up) reported non-medical use of prescription painkillers in the past year.
  • More Americans are now seeking an alternative approach for their healthcare!

Here at Magnolia Chiropractic we do our absolute best to find the source of the pain and then treat it with all natural therapeutic techniques. One therapeutic technique we use is called Cold Laser. How does it work? The laser beams painlessly penetrate the skin, healing energy is then issued into the tissue, which in turn supports our body’s natural method of healing itself.

While surgeries can be invasive and side effects can follow drugs, Cold Laser Therapy offers  superior natural healing and pain relief.  So if you are finding yourself in pain please consider calling and scheduling an appointment at Magnolia Chiropractic today! Our office number is (850) 656-6606