Offering hope to headache and migraine suffers. 

By: Julie Knudson

Headaches. Just about everyone has experienced them at some point, and many people are afflicted with them on a recurring basis. Fortunately, chiropractors are adopting treatment strategies that rely less on medication to address the pain and more on a holistic approach that seeks out and corrects the root of the problem. Headaches with a purely mechanical cause may show improvements relatively quickly sometimes after just a handful of visits. But, Levy warns, “If it’s a migraine it’s a longer process, because there’s so much information that’s necessary but I may not have it.” It sometimes takes longer to zero-in on the cause of migraines and, as Levy explains, the patients themselves may not know how to (or may not choose to) contribute fully to the process. “With migraines, treatment compliance may be high because the patient wants relief quick!”