Is your heart constantly racing? Are your neck and back always tense? Are you finding yourself constantly worrying about things? If you’ve answered yes to a few of these you just might be STRESSED out! We can’t always control what will happen in our lives, but we can control how we will deal with the outcome. Here are a few tips to relieving stress.

1) Breathe! Taking long breathes reduces tension in your body and is a great way to relieve stress.

2) Stretch!  Just take a few minutes and roll your shoulders back slowly. Also try rotating your neck slowly clockwise and then counter clockwise. These simple stretches can instantly loosen stiff muscles and help you to relax.

3) Cry! Emotional tears release chemicals that can help elevate your mood and get rid of stress.

Also if you are finding yourself in pain because of your stress maybe it’s time to visit us Magnolia Chiropractic. We offer many therapies and techniques that will help alleviate pain caused by stress and help you be a healthier you!