Trouble sleeping? Or maybe waking up in the morning with incredible pain. The problem just might be your mattress. Recently Sleep Researchers have agreed that mattress’s and pillows are very important factors in getting a good nights rest. If a mattress is not structurally sound it can affect the skeletal integrity of the sleeper. If a mattress fails to provide adequate pressure relief it will cause pain and rob a person of a good, deep, and healing level sleep. Also a mattress that is constructed of cheap materials can release toxic fumes that can affect a persons respiratory system and other vital functions of the human body.


Mattress and Pillow vendors can be sought out that are willing to make known the materials  they use in their products. You may also ask them to provide you with support, cushioning, and toxicity data as well. If they don’t then they’re probably aren’t worth doing business with them.better-sleep-mattress-asf